7 ways to increase testosterone naturally

Sperm count and testosterone levels have plummeted in recent decades.

Men are now corresponding in air conditioned rooms, slumped over on their chairs, staring at their screens, etc.

As energy levels and libido plummet in men, birth rates are going down all over the world, too.

1. Lift heavy

Lifting heavy weights is scientifically proven to help men increase their testosterone levels.

2. Get sunshine

Getting sunshine helps men increase their testosterone levels.

3. Eat healthy

Eating a diet full of healthy fats (avocados, almond butter, etc) will help you have higher energy levels and support healthy testosterone

4. Take a testosterone booster

Taking a natural testosterone booster like Madhouse Labs Testosterone Booster can help increase testosterone

5. Take ice baths

Plunging into cold water for a few minutes every day can help you increase your testosterone levels

6. Get enough sleep 

Not getting enough sleep is one of the most popular ways men are losing their stamina and libido levels. Make sure your sleep is dialed in. 

7. Be around beautiful women

Being around beautiful women is scientifically proven to increase your testosterone levels.